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Winmeter Energy Technology Co. Ltd.


Hunan Winmeter Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Willfar Information Technology Co., Ltd.It was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 320 million RMB and It is specialized in the manufacture and development of intelligent water metering products and water metering management systems for high-tech enterprises.

Hunan Winmeter Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of water supply metering for 10(Ten) years. It has carried out industrial innovation based on the combination of water flow metering and modern electronic technology, communication technology, new materials, and new processes, leading to the fundamental nature of a new generation of smart water meters. Change, replace the traditional mechanical water meter design with high-end electronic sensor chip technology, and launch the Remote Transmission Smart water meter serial with the "Winmeter" brand: Wired Remote Transmission smart water meter, Wireless Remote Transmission smart water meter; and IoT water meter, Ultrasonic water meter, smart payment water meters, electronic high-accuracy remote transmission smart water meters, ultrasonic water meters and other series of high-tech new technology smart water meter products have been used in more than 10(Ten)countries around the world. Including Changsha, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Jinan, Haikou, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Hefei, Kunming, Xi'an, Hohhot, and many other large cities and new towns in China, there are currently more than 5 million "Winmeter" brand smart water meters The products are serving the water supply network management and household meter systems of these cities, and continue to provide reliable, safe and fast water metering advanced equipment and effective water management and control means for the public utility managers of these cities.

Hunan Winmeter Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has the largest smart water meter R&D team in the industry, with 63 professional smart water meter professional R&D talents, In 2022, the company establishes a provincial-level technology center: Hunan Smart Water Engineering Technology Research Center, with 262 patents, 221 software copyrights, CMMI three-level, seven-star after-sales service system, and other honorary qualifications. The company is Hunan Province "green" Factory", the key enterprise of Hunan Province's "Huxiang Boutique" brand capability improvement plan, and the Hunan Province's specialized, special, and new "Little Giant" enterprise.

The quality management of Hunan Winmeter Energy Technology Co., Ltd. follows the ISO9000 system to ensure that the product quality is effectively controlled by the process and greatly reduces the risk of product quality. We guarantee the stability, reliability, and confidence of users in using "Winmeter" brand smart water meter products from various aspects.

Hunan Winmeter Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has the industry's leading automated production equipment and process technology and has introduced advanced SAP-ERP system. The company is currently one of the largest and most advanced R&D and manufacturing bases for water, gas and heat intelligent metering and energy efficiency management products in China. Among them, the intelligent water metering product production line has an annual production capacity of 3 million units.

Focusing on the future of urban development, Winmeter continuously absorbs and adopts new technologies, and continuously promotes the technological progress of the industry. The next-generation smart water meter being developed will have a simpler structure, be more stable and reliable, and truly realize no mechanical transmission, long life, and no pressure. Loss, accurate measurement, wide range, and other advantages, and provide Internet of Things communication management functions. From manufacture to use, it has the characteristics of times of material saving, energy saving, and water saving.

Adhering to the business tenet of "honesty, refinement, and symbiosis of righteousness and interests", we provide customers with better products and services, help customers succeed, continuously help water supply enterprise customers to improve the efficiency of water use, help customers create excellent economic value, and gain social reputation, is the mission and goal that continues to inspire and call us forward.